5 Generations Of Master Restoration Craftsman Since 1830.

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If you're looking for the top name in antique hardware restoration Orange County folks come to for all their furniture restoration, repair, and refinishing needs, there's only one name to keep in mind - Antique Restoration by Fallani and Sons!

Our family traces back to 1344 in Italy. Agnostino Fallani from Via dei Serragli in Florence, Italy was the founder of our trade. He began the family business in 1830 and he taught his trade at Gli Artigianelli school in Florence. 

  His son Guido Fallani followed this tradition and later moved to Rome Italy in 1930. His son Walter Fallani continued to perfect this art and began teaching his son Mauro Fallani at age 12. Mauro's son Franco Fallani began the trade at age 15 and was taught by his father and grandfather in Rome Italy. 

   Mauro and Franco Fallani moved to Southern California in 1994 where they began to share their wonderful Italian craft,  the fine art of antique restoration. The heirloom tools and refined skills passed father to son of this 5 generation family business can be seen today in Costa Mesa, CA.

Agnostino Fallani  1830 Florence, Italy

Guido Fallani         1930 Florence & Rome, Italy

Walter Fallani        1915 Rome, Italy

Mauro Fallani        1945 Rome, Italy - Costa Mesa, CA.

Franco Fallani        1975 Rome, Italy - Costa Mesa, CA.
Antique Restoration by Fallani and Sons was established back in 1813 in Florence, Italy. In 1984, over a hundred and seventy years since our inception, we opened shop in the United States and have since built a solid reputation as the trusted authority in furniture restoration, repair, and furniture refinishing Orange County and other surrounding areas in the state of California. As a family owned business that is backed by over two centuries of tried, tested, and proven excellence in the repair and restoration of furniture, antique hardware, and others, we continue to dedicate our time, knowledge, effort, and skills to ensuring that we deliver only the best services that deliver the superior results our clients have come to love and expect from us throughout the years.

To find out more about how we can help you restore your prized antiques and keep them looking their best longer, please call us at 949 722 9882 today!